01. PILOT (and chili)

Hi and welcome!

I am happy you found your way here. As this is my first ever entry in the blog world I am very new at this but I am trying my luck. I have been working on my website now for some time and it finally feels ready to launch together with the blog.

First up, a short story about me. I am a happy but serious, kind of funny or cute and a little bit creative individual who is ready to save the world (but so far still trying to figure out how) and have a passion for beautiful and clean design. I absolutely love beautiful landscapes and fresh air and know that we have to do something about it to keep it for the long future. With this blog I want to show that and much more. And also all of my attempts at cooking yummy things. So watch out for that.

So now to my first topic: chilis! I know many bloggers are experts in growing chilis but I have now used my amateur green fingers to successfully grow some myself. And I got to say, it’s all about heat, sun, water, time, space and some love.

If you have any feedback regarding the website, please do let me know! Anything that doesn’t work or seems confusing, just drop me a line in the comment box. Thanks :)

ebbawingardh • 07/06/2016

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